Dot Tyler Bio Pic

Dot Tyler leads Tearfund’s Youth and Emerging Generation team. She is passionate about seeing a young generation empowered to make a difference in our world. Dot believes in this young generation to live with courage and curosity as they build toward a better future.

With deep passion and commitment to those in poverty, Dot takes every opportunity to speak up for others. After seeing Tearfund’s work in Uganda, she is convinced by the power of mobilsing people to lift themselves out of poverty. The remarkable women and men in that small community outside Kampala will ever-be part of Dot’s motivation for contributing to a better future for our world.

Having grown up in Manchester she has northern roots but now considers herself an honourary Welshie. Dot now lives in with her family and can often be found in coffee shops drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate or taking part in whatever our next extreme DIY project is for our house (currently building a garage from scratch!).

Tearfund’s Youth and Emerging Generation team can be found on social media on @wearetearfund and online at weare.tearfund.org. Here you will find inspiration, ideas and stories that will help us live differently. We reagurly update the gatherings pages so that you can find out where we’re heading next. Please come and see us!